The Permanent Soft Skill Labs

In parallel to the TEACHER+ training course, Permanent Soft Skills Labs will be designed, with the following objectives:

1) To make teachers more aware of the importance of communication and collaboration for quality teaching and quality learning.

2) To offer teachers the opportunity of training themselves using the TEACHER+ course.

3) To encourage the sharing of knowledge of critical incidents among teachers and the generation of shared solutions in order to better manage these critical incidents.

4) To encourage the creation of new teacher training resources by the teachers themselves.

5) To encourage teachers to become part of networks outside their own schools, participating and sharing information through local, interschool groups.

6) To extend the online training activity online to include face-to-face seminars and training events at a local level.

The Permanent Soft Skills Labs will build on existing teachers’ networks and associations and their essence will be their collaborative nature.

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