Effective Communication for Teachers

About Teacher+

TEACHER+ is a project designed by teachers for teachers to become better teachers and leaders, not only in their relationship with students, but also in collaborating with parents and other staff within the school system.

Thanks to the Erasmus+ Programme contribution we’ve developed a 100% online training programme on effective communication for teachers based on the needs, expectations and suggestions of 92 teachers like you that we’ve surveyed and interviewed across Europe.

Thanks to TEACHER+ you’ll learn all you need to know about interpersonal communication, conflict management, leadership and collaboration and will become a teacher with that something extra that makes a teacher a Teacher+!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • better ability to communicate with others,
  • better attitude to reflective practice,
  • better ability to respond assertively in stressful situations,
  • better quality of your relationship with students and with their families,
  • better collaboration with your peers and with non-teaching staff in your school
  • more self-esteem and confidence

The pluses of TEACHER+

Relax: you will be able to learn at your own pace, any time, from anywhere and from any device.

Safety: you will be able to immediately put your learning into practice in a riskless environment thanks to the educational game that comes with the training programme.

Confidence: the training programme is expressly designed for teachers and considers all the implications and challenges of communication in a complex environment such as school.

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