Effective Communication for Teachers


Istituto Comprensivo Pier Cironi (Prato, IT)
The Pier Cironi Institute, coordinator of Teacher+, is a comprehensive school located in Prato, IT. They have been focusing on healthy and efficient staff relationship management of relationships for years, including training on how to deal with burn-out. The Pier Cironi Institute also committed to improve their educational service by organising a Self-help Group within a more comprehensive internal evaluation committee that has also been incorporated into the National Evaluation System.

Arcola Research (London, UK)
Arcola Research is an independent research organisation based in London, which belongs to an extensive network of international researchers and evaluators – including the Tavistock Institute, London – that gives access to a worldwide knowledge base and community of practice. Arcola Research brings to the project its proven experience in educational research, innovative pedagogical methods, the evaluation of educational approaches and techniques developed in European research projects and collaboration with European institutions.

Talentix (Orkoien, ES)
Talentix is a consulting company composed of a team of professionals with extensive experience in executive coaching and training in leadership, people management and communication skills, providing specialized services in Human Resources Consulting. The Talentix staff bring to the project their expertise in coaching and managerial training, including over 30,000 hours of training in interpersonal communication, leadership, stress management and positive conflict solution, with important references at national level.

Spherical Pixel (Villena, ES)
Spherical Pixel, established in 2006, specialise in the development of advertising and educational videogames and have developed numerous game-based educational projects, collaborating with teachers, researchers, psychologists and social workers from schools and local institutions at national level. The Spherical Pixel professional team is composed of 5 senior professionals with longstanding experience in the development of videogames.

Smart Bananas (Reggio Emilia, IT)
Smart Bananas, established in 2016, are a consulting company specialising in SME empowerment and organisational wellbeing integrated in digital transition. Smart Bananas provide integrated consultancy, encompassing the personal and professional dimension of human resources to foster all-round inclusion.

Ellinogermaniki Agogi (Pallini, GR)
Ellinogermaniki Agogi (EA) is an educational organization of private law, officially recognized by the state. The EA Research and Development Department acts as an interface between the pedagogical research, the technological innovation and the school community and focuses on the design, implementation and support of pedagogical and technological innovations in educational practice, both through internal research and through collaborations with numerous educational, research and commercial institutions in Europe and the world.

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