Multiplier event in Pamplona

Country Spain
Organiser Talentix Enclave de Soluciones, S.L.L.
Date 07/02/2022
Venue Pamplona
No. of participants 54
Speakers Alfredo Sierra, Silvia Zabalza and Mamen Antón

Summary of the event

On 7 February 2022, the multiplier event of the Teacher+ project was held in Orkoien, under the title Presentation of the Online Course and Interactive Game
Conflict Resolution, Leadership and Communication in Educational Environments.
The event was held via videoconference, through the Teams platform, due to capacity and health limitations resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic.
Of the 62 people registered for the event, a total of 54 people attended from different regions of Spain, all of them primary or secondary school teachers, students in their final years of university degrees or master’s degrees related to teaching, and heads of the Local Government Education Department.

The first speaker was Alfredo Sierra, Coordinator of the Teacher+ Project at Talentix, who gave an in-depth presentation of the Teacher+ project.
Alfredo Sierra explained that the Teacher+ project was created to respond to the needs of schools in terms of INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS, by improving communication with students, families and non-teaching staff in situations of social stress or potential conflict.

To this end, a programme has been designed that aims to develop 3 competences, interpersonal communication, conflict management and leadership, to be put into practice in the relationship between teachers and students, both in the classroom and in individual meetings, with families and with the rest of the members of the educational community of the centre: management, colleagues, technical and administrative staff, etc.

With this objective, 3 intellectual products have been created: a Course on Conflict Resolution, Leadership and Communication in educational environments, an Interactive Online Game to simulate critical incidents in the relationship between teachers and students, parents and non-teaching staff, and guidelines for transferring the products developed during the project to the Permanent Soft Skills Laboratories.

Silvia Zabalza, teacher of the course and responsible for the methodological development of the project at Talentix, then took the floor to explain the conceptual framework of Teacher+ and its methodological content.

Silvia Zabalza, teacher of the course and responsible for the methodological development of the project at Talentix, then took the floor to explain the conceptual framework of Teacher+ and its methodological content.
She reviewed the competences that are worked on in the course and in the interactive game and the actions that are intended to be developed in relation to the Teacher+ Permanent Soft Skills Labs in Europe.
She also detailed the different actions developed in the phase of research and needs analysis, individual interviews and focus groups with stakeholders in the project: teachers, parents and students, which resulted in the identification of critical incidents, both positive and negative, in the relationship of teachers in their daily work with the groups involved in the project.

The aim is to have an impact on teachers by improving their relationship management skills, their ability to respond assertively, improving the quality of their relationships, increasing their self-esteem and creating conditions that allow them to work and teach in a more favourable environment.

Mamen Antón, who is also a teacher of the course, then reviewed the contents of the different modules of the course.
The course is structured in 3 knowledge units: Interpersonal Communication, Conflict Management and Leadership and Collaboration. Throughout the course, the competences under study are put into practice by applying numerous techniques and proven tools that allow teachers to improve their competences in the subjects studied in the course.

All this, using an online methodology based on micro-training, podcasting and game-based learning that aims to obtain optimal training results with the least possible dedication of the teachers to be trained, as each resource aims to teach a single learning component.
The contents are presented in video and audio format, together with other resources such as lectures, articles, interviews and podcasts, PowerPoint presentations, etc. and the possibility of accessing the same resources also in text format is maintained.

Finally, Alfredo Sierra gave a live presentation of the course contents and the online game.
To do so, he showed the audience how to access the course through the Moodle platform, reviewed the structure of the course contents on the platform, showed an example of the different elements that make up the course: video micro-pills, podcasts, presentations, etc.
He also presented the interactive online game, which is integrated into the training course and which, through the simulation of critical incidents in the relationship between teachers and students, families and non-teaching staff, serves as an evaluation at the end of each module, of the results obtained by the participants in the training.

After an hour and a half of presentation, in which the participants had the opportunity to ask questions and clarify doubts, they filled in a satisfaction survey in relation to the event, which reflected the good reception of the project among the participants.

The event ended at 18.30h.

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